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Home Improvement Interior

Benefits of Having a Timber Staircase

Staircases have forever been among the major focal points of many households. Whether your home is an elegant mansion in Beverly Hills or a modest two story structure, it would be advisable to look into the benefits of having a timber staircase from Staircase Parts.

Home Improvement InteriorTimber staircases could be the least expensive set of staircases that you install, of course that will also be dependent on the kind of timber you get. It is among the most versatile materials that can be used in construction. First of all, timber can be easily cut or carved into designs and shapes that materials such as stone and metal would cost much more to do, given that they require specialist sculptors and cutters. On the other hand, timber requires ordinary tools; the majority of wood sculptors have managed to do well with a chisel and a hammer.

Below are two of the many benefits of having a timber staircase:

• Variety of Finishes and Colours

The look of many timber staircases has been associated with opulence and wealth, houses from the Victorian era had banisters, columns and bezels that were elegantly crafted and polished. There is an array of wood colours from which to choose, ranging from dark ebony tones to light coppery brown. Timber staircases are also available in an assortment of finishes, from the varnished to the staircases that are sanded, wood treated and polished.

• Easy to Clean

In the event that your household has young children, it would be wise to get a water resistant timber staircase since children have a propensity to have accidents on staircases. This could involve spilling food or beverage and causing a nightmarish clean up scenario if your staircase is carpeted, made out of marble or other hard to clean material. Timber can be easily wiped off.

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