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How Much are Bifold Doors Prices 2020?

How Much are Bifold Doors Prices 2020?

What does it cost to fit bifold patio doors?

The first thing you have to look at for bifold doors prices is how big is the opening that you have to fill. The size of the opening where the bifold doors are to be installed will determine the amount of door panels needed.

bifold doorsBifold Patio doors can be installed with just 2 panels, but they look a lot better with 3, 4 or even 5 panels.

So the key things to consider would be:

  1. size
  2. design
  3. glazing
  4. colour
  5. construction material
  6. door furniture
  7. special design elements (such as floor level thresholds)

Upvc bifold doors are value for money, but you can also get timber veneer versions. Hardwood Timber veneers make the door look like solid hardwood, but without the price tag.

In any event, whatever the material you choose, you will need to include the cost of safety glazing. The glass areas reach floor level and so in the UK it must be safety glass. This could be tempered or laminated.

Find out more about costs here:

Fully Fitted Bifold Patio Doors – useful information

In most cases, unless the property is a new build, it’s a high probability that you are going to want to remove an external wall to make th door opening.

This can be a risky operation, unless you know what you are doing, It’s virtually certain that the wall you want to remove is going to be a load bearing one. This means whatever it is holding up has to be properly supported prior to removing even a single brick.

In cases like this,  we would suggest that you speak with a structural engineer to find out the potential pro’s and con’s of the proposed work. If you don’t want to engage a structural engineer, then get a proper survey from an experienced (and fully insured) company that has atracke record in this type of work.

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