What Does an Orangery Cost to Build?

What Does an Orangery Cost to Build?

How much does an orangery cost?

What Does an Orangery Cost to Build?First things first, they are not cheap, but a quality home extension has never been one of the lowest cost improvements you can make to a house.

An Orangery is best described as half-way between a full extension and a conservatory -having feature of both, but the price of neither.

It is a solid structure featuring columns, pillars and a lantern or atrium style roof. Generally on the larger side and, unlike a conservatory, a permanent structure. As a substantial extension, you may need planning permission to build it, especially if you do not meet the rules for permitted developments.

You also don’t want to go the DIY route on this one and need to appoint a professional company to design and install the whole thing. To learn more about the features, benefits advantages and costs of orangeries, visit http://www.orangerycosts.co.uk/