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UPVC Bifold Doors For Your Patio

UPVC Bifold Doors For Your Patio

Enhance your patio with stunning Bifold Doors

UPVC Bifold DoorsThe really great feature of bifold doors is the way they look when open or closed.

With slimline frames that don’t detract from the view out to the garden area and a massive 90% clear space when opened, bifold doors turn any room into a wide open panorama.

The panels themselves stack neatly away to either side of the opening and can be hinged to be stacked on the outside or inside, giving yet another level of flexibility.

Common Bifold Door Features

  • Outstanding external view
  • Double Glazed or triple glazed panes (up to 28mm gap)
  • High security glazing & locking systems
  • Finger-safe door edges
  • Steel reinforced frames
  • Top or bottom hung tracking options
  • Guaranteed to last
  • Hardwood, UPVC or Aluminium designs

Whilst you may think that bifold are just for the outside, they work perfectly well as a room dividing door, for example separating living & dining areas.

Fitting of the doors, once delivered, can be done by professional in just 1 day, but you need to think of allowing 4 to 8 weeks from order to delivery.

Special Access Needs

UPVC Bifold Doors are a super choice if your property requires special easy access for wheelchair users or persons with a physical disability. The ability to install them with a recessed threshold means that there is not “step”. The transition from outside to inside is smooth.

This makes it super easy for a wheelchair or walking frame to navigate in or out through the door. It’s also quite handy if there are kids running in and out, nothing to trip over.

Talking about kids, with big panels like these swinging back and forth, the last thing you want is to trap some little fingers in them. Fortunately, designers have had this in mind when they came up with “finger safe” doors.

The finger safety feature basically consists of a compressible rubber strip that runs along the vertical hinge side of the door. In the event that the door closes when your fingers are in the way, the rubber strip mitigates the majority of a potential injury.

That does not mean that you can take your eyes of those little rascals though!.